Enjoyable, Naturally lit, Relaxed photography of people (Pregnancy, Babies, Families, Headshots)


I want to give you a series of images that capture the love, personalities and relationships with in your family that will make you smile for years to come as they hang on your wall. You will end up with a series of photos that will enable you to mentally step back in time whenever you look at them for years to come.

How it works

I really enjoy these family photoshoots (including maternity shoots at the very beginning of your family life) – every one is so different. I encourage everyone to do what they’d normally do – go to the park or the woods or even stay at home and play if that’s what you prefer. Whatever everyone enjoys and is comfortable with is just perfect.

I like to start relatively early, especially with children involved, so everyone is well rested and ready for some fun! So at some point in the morning I’ll either come to your home or I’ll meet you at the venue that you choose. Sometimes we can fit in both! A bit at home and then carry on the fun out and about. It should be somewhere you feel comfortable and where you can have fun. Family photo shoots revolve around play.

Most shoots last around 1.5 hours but I don’t really clock watch so they tend to last as long as needed for me to feel I’ve got a purchase of everyone’s personality and have captured some golden moments and the feel of you as a family.

What happens next

I’ll go away and start working on the images. I usually end up delivering around 80-100 images fully edited which I aim to get over to you with a link to a web gallery within 5 days of the photoshoot. The images will be a combination of colour and black and white. I often work to the thought of, if colour doesn’t help this photo to be amazing, then it’ll always be better in black and white.

The price of the shoot at £150 includes all edited images, print ready on a USB stick. I’m also happy to organise getting you prints and/or photo book of the shoot using my professional supplier.